Who we are

Milanion is a transformation-driven enterprise registered in the UAE, working to fulfill the real needs of our end-users.


Our purpose is to deliver affordable, Innovative Intelligent Technical capabilities to the Defence, Civil Defence, Security and Rescue sectors, globally.

What we do

Milanion is an ordinary business transforming our client’s capabilities in an extraordinary way with the knowledge, the will, the skill, the agility and pure durableness needed to succeed in the ‘information age’.


Through our guiding principles of simplicity, speed and support Milanion is able to respond, execute and adjust at speed; to develop and deliver robust world-class capability enhancing solutions, within budget and on time to meet changing client needs.

Why Milanion

Milanion works to fulfill the real needs of our end-users. Our focus is on delivering operationally relevant solutions that enhance users’ capabilities to protect and save lives.


Milanion is a company staffed by visionaries who understand that solutions are not delivered successfully by doing things differently to everyone else. But by doing what everyone else is doing; and doing it better, faster, more efficiently, effectively and affordably than everyone else.


We’re not a technology, innovation, development or marketing company. We do all those things but refuse to be compartmentalised; our ethos, throughout the company, is to work with our client’s real vision, needs, and resources in mind.


Best in Class Solutions

We are committed to bringing new innovations, products, and services to life through our unique ecosystem of partners and capabilities.

Our People

People are our most valuable assets, bringing fresh insights and striving to challenge a culture of traditional thinking to uncover the next breakthrough that will help protect and save lives.

A Global Pedigree

We are a local brand with a global pedigree, and our growth is fuelled by an ecosystem of private and public sector collaborations where everyone becomes a winner.