Progress Through Partnership

Milanion is in a position to partner with a select group of technology suppliers in a range of sectors including payload suppliers to further enhance the versatility of the Agema for end-users.


People and partnerships are our most valuable assets, bringing fresh insights and striving to challenge a culture of traditional thinking to uncover the next breakthrough that will help protect and save lives.

AGEMA Payload Suppliers

As the first in a range of UAE made UGV’s, the fully amphibious and modular AGEMA is simple to operate, affordable and can be easily configured to mission requirements of the end-user. We can develop the vehicle with speed to market; for increased on-ground capabilities and protection of personnel.


Available in 8×8 and 6×6 drivetrains, the AGEMA’s multi-role platform is fitted with a customisable deck that can be adapted to any mission-specific payload. Quite frankly, we believe the AGEMA can stand head-to-head with the very best UGV’s in its class with world-class technologies and payloads at a much decreased cost.


In view of the versatility of the AGEMA platform and with a view to providing a range of capabilities to end-users we are looking to work with a select number of payload suppliers that have synergy with Milanion and the AGEMA UGV.


Payloads that are geared towards serving mission profiles including; logistic support and force protection, ISR, Drone Launch and Anti-Drone Systems, Anti-Tank Support, Medevac, Route Inspection and Clearance, Mesh Communications, Border Protection, Critical Infrastructure Security and Protection, Fire & Rescue.


Contact us to find out if your payload would suit the AGEMA platform.


Corporate Culture

Guided by a Corporate Culture of decentralisation, Milanion work with local partners that have the capabilities, authority and flexibility to respond quickly to changing market conditions; with the advantage of delivering tailored solutions to local preferences.

A key to success in achieving these goals is based around a spirit of overcoming challenges, breaking through barriers, understanding constraints and having an acute awareness of blind spots; to create value-based solutions.


The Corporate Culture of Milanion incorporates a deeper essence of the company’s true nature – it’s about leverage, multipliers, systems, processes and interconnected ecosystems. It was not a culture born overnight; it took the right environment, the right combination of people and the foresight of our founders.


The foresight to understand it’s more about partnering, co-creation and the synergistic qualities that benefit each collaborator in order to lay the foundations of a truly agile organisation. An organisation that truly understands that at the end of the day it’s all about people and their sense of safety and security.

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