Designed to operate in a diverse spectrum of environments, the fully amphibious AGEMA incorporates pure functionality with security and reliability to support and protect personnel.

With end-user operational feedback in mind, the AGEMA boasts  complete versatility, agility and control even in the most extreme and hostile situations.

Equipped with the ability to traverse different terrains, the AGEMA can be teleoperated or used autonomously via pre-planned paths and configured with wheels or tracks for the relevant operational needs.

The AGEMA’s innovative triple-differential Admiral transmission with independent steering brakes allows increased steering efficiency by bringing more and constant power to the wheels, which in turn allows better control and smoother turns.

The Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Marine 40hp EFI engine provides excellent fuel efficiency and reliability in any conditions. The vehicle can be fitted with a number of payloads and accessories.


The ultra-versatile AGEMA is a fully modular UGV equipped with proven world-class technology and performance; designed to support a range of critical missions. Available in 8×8 and 6×6 drivetrains, the AGEMA’s multi-role platform is fitted with a customisable deck that can be adapted to any mission-specific payload.

Mission profiles include; logistic support and force protection, ISR, Drone Launch and Anti-Drone Systems, Anti-Tank Support, Medevac, Route Inspection and Clearance, Mesh Communications, Border Protection, Critical Infrastructure Security and Protection, Fire & Rescue.


The AGEMA can operate in rough, rugged terrain and is mobile enough for both urban and rural environments to support ground and mobile units. It’s fully amphibious platform is designed to push the boundaries with the latest innovation and technology to conquer the most challenging terrain; including; paved roads, dirt roads, grass, brush, rocks, sand, narrow trails, muddy swamps, and dense jungle.

The AGEMA is built for extreme terrain mobility with a high torque, high traction drivetrain, independent suspensions, low centre of gravity and ability to climb steep inclines.

Coupled with progressive steering, this rugged drive-train reliably conquers the most challenging off-road environments; capably and comfortably inspiring responsive control with enhanced precision and smooth turning around any corner.


Simple to operate; affordable and configured to the end-users requirements; the AGEMA’s world-class technologies and modular platform-centric model, with multi-mission payload applications, allows for superior client service, faster turnaround times, with a trim initial cost structure and additional economies of scale.

Engineered for the Most Demanding Missions


Comprehensive security systems to satisfy the most demanding protocols and requirements for complete peace of mind.


Fully modular and ultra-versatile payload design to fit a multitude of missions in accordance with the end-user’s requirements.


The AGEMA's Autonomous Operating System can interface with any 3rd party devices and platforms to support a range of operations.


Proven platform and communication systems ensure complete reliability to operate across distance in both urban and rural environments.

AGEMA is the Ultra-Versatile Mission Support UGV




The AGEMA is designed to support troops (mounted & dismounted) on multi-mission tasks that are conducted in hazardous and difficult terrain. The vehicle has an amphibious capability and is easily transportable; it can be deployed by other vehicles, by rotary or fixed-wing assets.

With a variety of payload options, the AGEMA is well equipped to provide unmanned security for both the public and private sectors. It is well-suited for supporting patrols thanks to surveillance and detection capabilities; with the ability to cover far-reaching and difficult terrain. Providing a unique security presence.

The amphibious and rapidly deployable AGEMA can play a vital support role in the fire and rescue services in urban or rugged terrain. In disaster-hit areas, the vehicle can be deployed where the infrastructure has been damaged and can be used remotely where traditional vehicles cannot gain access.

The AGEMA can be configured with stretchers to support medical evacuation missions and a cargo-carrying basket for the transport of heavy equipment. The vehicle can be optionally provided with HazMat (hazardous material) and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) sensors.

The Agema can be used to improve safety and used for inspection of components such as pipes, pressure vessels, tank boilers, and reactors used in facilities. The vehicle can support geographical survey teams by carrying equipment into areas that are difficult for traditional vehicles.

The AGEMA can provide continuous patrolling of large prisons or expansive refugee camps, especially where the terrain is not easily accessible to traditional vehicles. The remote platform protects personnel from harsh climatic conditions and danger.